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Your 50 Page Guide To Stressing Less & Enjoying More This Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, connection, celebration and memory and merriment making. But for many of us, in fact, we'd say for most of us, they’ve become a time of stress and anxiety.

Much of it is self-inflicted as we try to meet the expectations of family, Pinterest and Instagram; juggle the needs and emotions of everyone we’re spending time with; stretch our budgets; AND worry about what to eat and how much to eat to avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain so we can enjoy ourselves and still look good in our New Year’s Eve outfits! It’s exhausting just thinking about it, right?

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Let’s make this year the year we take the stress AND the BLOAT out of the holidays! Let’s make this the year we get to look good AND feel good all holiday season. Let’s make this the year we don’t have to figure out how to lose 5-10 lbs in the New Year. Let’s make this the year to “LET IT BE EASY!”

Let's take Cheese - there are a wide variety of vegan (nut based) cheeses available in most grocery stores today. Whether you’re putting out a wine and cheese spread, or looking for a delicious brie to add to your holiday table, you can now find dairy free options.

If you’re looking for meltability, vegan cheeses are not going to be as creamy and easy to melt, but they still get the job done for a bloat free lasagna or pizza dish. We also recommend trying a vegan cheese sauce for creamy dishes like mac n cheese or alfredo.

Try our blender cashew cheese sauce available on the C&N Wellness Blog! It’s so versatile and really easy to prepare. Also, look for our favorite brands in stores: Follow Your Heart, VioLife, Kite Hill & Treeline.

They’ve got all your bloat free cheese needs covered from cream cheese for frostings to herb infused spreadable cheese for crackers & platters.

Here are some of the recipes included in your guide...

Click this link and you will be able to receive the instant downloadable eBook!

For more delicious plant-based recipes, check out our cookbook, Plant-Based Cookbook...Well Kind Of or join us in our plant-based online community group where we share unique new recipes every week!

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