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Essential Oil Protocol When My Kids Are Sick

It's the tail end of sugar season that pairs perfectly with low vitamin D season and my living room once again becomes a battlefield, where tissues multiply like snowflakes, and the soft hum of the diffuser competes with the symphony of coughs and sniffles. The glassy eyes of my son peer up at me. He's achey, cranky, can't sleep, can't get comfortable. All he wants is to feel better. To get back to school and basketball. All I want, is to make it better. Can you relate?

As a seasoned mom who has navigated countless cold and flu seasons, it's a familiar dance – that delicate balance of comforting a sick child while also silently hoping the bug doesn't spread like wildfire through the household.

Through the years, I've honed my skills and empowered myself with an arsenal of homeopathic tools including a trusted essential oil protocol that helps transform these challenging moments into a ritual of healing for my kids and resilience for me.

They're older now, but this is still our go to treatment every time a bug hits. It's remained a constant in our sick-care routine because it works for us.

Essential oil protocol for cold and flu season.

The essential oils help support various body systems to optimize the body's ability to fight infections. More than that, physical touch helps to release oxytocin which can help our kids to feel better by enhancing their mood, reducing pain and helping to manage cortisol and the stress that's being placed on their bodies.

In turn, caring for them in this way also boosts our oxytocin as caregivers, helping to regulate our cortisol levels. Our own exposure to this essential oil protocol and the application process bolsters our resilience to help reduce our risk of getting sick and shorten the duration if we do.

I generally perform this spinal essential oil massage twice a day for my kids, while also running this same combination in our diffuse.

Other ways to use this protocol:

  • Diffuse this same combination in a water based essential oil diffuser.

  • Place this same combination in a veggie capsule and take 1-2 times a day.

  • For ease of application, you can place 10 drops each of fractionated coconut oil, frankincense, tea tree, on guard, lemon into an amber glass roller bottle along with 5 drops of oregano and roll this along the spine. I prefer to apply the oils one at a time and massage them in by hand as the benefits of aroma touch therapy help to reduce their pain and discomfort.

  • Apply the oils to the bottom of their feet and put on cotton socks.

  • A drop of Breathe on the big toes is also helpful for congestion. Especially at bedtime.

*Not all essential oils are created equal. Most store bought oils contain mostly carriers and can be as little as 10% of the actual therapeutic essential oil. I would not recommend taking just any brand internally. I personally use doTERRA essential oils and have for nearly 15 years.

This information is a representation of my own personal experience and should not replace or be treated as medical advice. This information is not meant to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose. Always check in with your own intuition and your doctor before deciding if a wellness practice is right for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to

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