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Midway point in my 5K running training

I really didn't expect to enjoy it. I didn't expect to see much improvement in 30 days let alone 2 weeks. I thought I'd trudge through it, say I finished it, and go back to my regularly scheduled workouts

But life keeps teaching me to never say never. I swear, every time I say never, I end up doing that very thing. I'll never homeschool. Homeschooled my kids for 6 years. I'll never get a divorce. Got a divorce. I'll never give up meat and fish. Been meat free for 4 years and gave up fish over a year ago. I'll never be on camera. Was a cast member for 80-Day Obsession filmed lived for 3 months with reality interviews. I'll never run another race, (spoken for years after attempting to train for a 1/2 marathon 10 years ago and quitting because I HATED IT!)

And here I am, finished week 2 of my lighting program with a running component as I like to call it...and LOVING IT! Here are some things I've learned and the results I'm seeing after two weeks.

Lessons I've learned on my journey to run a Halloween week 5K and Thanksgiving week 10K:

  1. You don't have to ONLY run to become a runner - I thought training to run a race would mean I had to run all the time. But it turns out, strength training is extremely important to becoming a strong runner and this program places a huge emphasis on weight training. We lift 5 days a week training our lower body, upper body and core with moves designed to make us stronger runners and it's working! My speed has increased, my endurance has increased, my distance covered has increased, and I feel stronger in my technique just 6 runs in.

  2. There is a technique to running - I never thought about how I was moving when I ran. I just....ran. But when you have a trained voice in your ear talking you through body position, how your foot strikes, reminding you to relax your shoulders, queuing you to breath...suddenly the runs become so much smoother, stronger, dare I say...easier. I mean it's still a challenge. I'm still pushing myself. But instead of feeling like "this is impossible", "I can't breath", "my legs are on fire", "I need to walk" I feel like "this is challenging but I can do it", "my legs are strong...I'm surprised they aren't on fire", and I'm surprised that I'm not even thinking about my breath because it's in control.

  3. With the right mindset anything is possible - I tried adding running to my weekly workouts a few months ago because Nic loves to run. I committed to run 42 miles in 21 days. I did it, but I was absolutely miserable. I hated every second of it. And as soon as I reached the goal I stopped running. But I went into it with a bad attitude. I didn't really want to do it and I did every run begrudgingly. When I decided to give this program a was only because it incorporated strength training and guided runs. And I went into it with the singular goal of changing my attitude around running. I wanted to give it a fair shot. If I ended up hating it...ok. It wouldn't be part of my routine going forward. But I didn't want to write running off because I was afraid of it or because I told myself I couldn't do it without even trying. So my goal was to simply enjoy the process. And surprisingly...I really am!

Just 14 days into this program I've let go of the limiting belief that I am not a runner. I can run. I do run. And I don't hate it. I see more muscle definition in my legs and glutes, my core all the way around to my back feels strong and lean, and I'm getting a lot of definition in my arms...especially my shoulders. Our trainer actually does a lot of arm work and focuses in our guided runs on how to use our arms to enhance our speed and endurance. I'm learning to take the runs one chunk at a time, mastering it in 30 second or 90 second intervals, which actually ends up making it go by really quickly and I've learned to control my breath. When I assume I'll be able to breath...I breath. When I expected to be completely breathless and struggled...I was breathless and struggled.

On Monday, I'm opening up a new group to support anyone who wants to join me on this running journey. We'll start with a prep week to help you get ready mentally and physically. We'll set goals, meal plan, I'll share some of my favorite meal ideas and recipes (my metabolism has been on fire since I started this program and I've lost 2 lbs even thought I wasn't trying to lose weight running), we'll build some fun running play lists and we'll have a kick off call to answer any of your questions about the runs, the workouts, the food, gut health, mindset anything to help you find success on this journey.

October 26, we will officially start the 30 days of training so we'll be finished in time to complete a Thanksgiving Week Virtual Turkey Trot 5K as a team. I even had special T-shirts designed that you'll be able to order in our group. AND we'll raise money for the homeless this holiday season with our 5K.

We'll also have a weekly zoom check in to support you on your journey and connect as a community!

If you're ready to run...not just run...but run stronger, better, smarter. If you're ready to breakaway from bad habits, fears, limiting beliefs, your living room! Then I'm ready to support you. If I can do this. If I can overcome 10 years of fear of running to actually enjoy this program, to end up deciding to challenge myself to not only go for the 5K after the first 30 days but to repeat it and go for a 10K...then you can do this too!

And if you're pressed for time...we've got a time crunch calendar for you that will still get you prepared for your 5K but with less time each day. Already a runner? Don't worry...I didn't forget about you! We'd love to have your experience, encouragement, enthusiasm for running in our group and we have an advanced calendar to help you PR in your runs.

I'll be adding everyone to our online group tonight and tomorrow. So if you're ready to run...let me know here and I'll be in touch to help get you set up.

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