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March Wellness Academy

Bye Bye Sugar Cravings

The biggest complaint I hear daily as I chat with so many of you about your wellness journeys is the battle with cravings. Despite great intentions, and even solid plans for eating healthy, you are frustrated because after a long busy, stressful day you find that your willpower and good intentions just aren't enough to keep you from the drive through or the cookie cupboard. You chalk it up to your busy schedule, or lack of discipline, your age, but it's none of those things. It's not your willpower! It's your gut bugs. Yup. They're the reason behind those powerful cravings that you just can't seem to get a handle on. And that's why I've created this new group just for you! The woman who wants to feel better. The woman who's trying to choose better. Because it shouldn't have to feel so hard!

While the good bacteria in our guts serve a million important purposes that keep our bodies running efficiently, when they get out of balance (which they are for most of us) the bad bugs gain a little more power. And they're all about their own survival. They will always prioritize their well-being over yours! What feeds the bad bacteria - SUGAR! So what do you crave - SUGAR!

Yup, it's a vicious cycle of those less than helpful bacteria trying to make sure they have the fuel they need to survive. But guess what…turns out we're smarter than them and we can beat them without willpower. Here's the facts. Every single bite of food we take starts to change our microbiome. The fuel that one bite of food puts into our bodies impacts 50 generations of gut microbes. 50 generations! That's huge. That's why our food really is medicine. It doesn't take years or even months to start changing those cravings and shutting up those bad bacteria and their annoying cries for SUGAR. It takes one bite.

And that's what we're going to be focusing on in our March Wellness Academy! Instead of trying to willpower our way away from sugar we are going to focus on one bite. One small act we can do each day for 30 days to start feeding and activating the good bacteria. The ones that crave veggies, fruits and plants. This is how we stomp out sugar cravings. We literally CAN NOT willpower our way out. We have to change it from the inside.

How can you do it and make it feel easy? Our March Go Green Challenge. It's got 2 powerful elements that are easy to do and take very little time. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is being taken away. We're are being proactive here by taking two scoops of Power Greens a day to help activate those good gut bugs by giving them the fuel they need and making their cries for more of the good stuff louder than the sugar bugs. That's step 1. Start your day with your power greens boost. Step 2. Eat your veggies. I'm sharing a veggie recipe a day to help you reach the goal of consuming 100 servings of veggies in the month of March (and you get to count your power greens shot as 1 serving a day so you're first 30 are a breeze!)

Here's what you can expect from the March Wellness Academy:

1. The 100 veggie challenge. Our goal is to eat 100 veggies over the course of 30 days. Changing our gut bacteria for generations to the good guys who crave the good food our bodies truly thrive on.

2. My support with over 100 delicious vegetable based recipes that are super easy to make. Plus a daily tracker to help you reach your goal. (You don't have to be vegan. You can eat meat and still easily reach the 100 veggie goal.)

3. No rules about what you can't have. I'm not asking you not to eat sugar. I'm only asking you to focus for 30 days on reaching the goal of 100 vegetables.

4. Optional power greens shot which can count as 1 vegetable serving a day (but actually has 6 different greens in it) giving you 30 checks toward your March goal!

5. Daily posts from me on eliminating sugar addiction, clean eating, gut health, mindset, stress management and more to help you on your journey.

6. My help choosing a workout program to support your good gut bacteria. We know from research that exercise actually helps enhance our gut health. How? Well it promotes the growth of good bacteria in our gut that produce butyrate. Butyrate promotes the repair of the gut lining and reduces inflammation, which helps stop (or prevent) endotoxins from inside our digestive system from leaking into our bloodstream. That's what causes systemic inflammation in the body, leads to autoimmune disease, IBD, insulin resistance and more. I can help you find a routine whether you have 20 min 5 days a week or 60 min 6 days a week. It's all about finding an option that you enjoy that doesn't add stress to your day.

7. The opportunity to get your full 4 week gut course for the month of April paid for by me to continue your healing journey.

If you're ready to say good bye to cravings that aren't serving your goals. If you're ready to stop focusing on willpower and start using science to make it easy on yourself. If you're ready to have support, accountability and a like minded community of women (we become like the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with). Then you're ready for this! And when you join my group now, you get access to my monthly Wellness Academy every month for a year. Imagine how much your health and overall well-being could improve with small monthly actions to build on for a year!?!?

Your Next Steps:

Fill out this form so I can get to know you, your goals and your challenges a little better. I'll send you a link to the materials you'll need for the group and we'll get you ready to go by March 1.

OR, if you know you're 100% ready to jump right in follow the directions below.

I run all of my coaching groups through Beachbody because it's significantly more affordable for you to be part of my group coaching programs for a year than the private coaching option. Joining me through Beachbody is a one time fee of $140-$160. Private coaching takes more time per person for me, but you actually get significantly less time with me. One hour per week vs daily interaction and support. Because I can only see so many people privately, my rates have to be significantly higher. $250/hour for private coaching sessions. My group coaching clients have better long term results because they have daily support and accountability from me and the entire community vs a weekly or bi-weekly call that leaves them on their own for days trying to implement my advice in a vacuum. AND you get access to my monthly groups for a full 12 months when you join my online wellness academy.


1. If you already have access to Beachbody On Demand, but don't know or work with a coach, you will need to request me as your coach to be part of the group. You can do that through this link. My coach ID is 1805549 and the related email is

2. If you don't currently have access to Beachbody On Demand where I run my private wellness academies, this is the link to get started on this journey with me and have my support for a full year! Use coupon code CALIEFEB20 for $20 off. (expires 2/28/22)

What's included: our full library of workout programs (don't worry, I'll help you choose the right one for you) + 30 days to try the BODi live interactive workout platform where you have the option to work on screen live with your favorite super trainers (and even me and our team) + my favorite superfood smoothie that acts like a multivitamin, probiotic, prebiotic all in one. It's loaded with plant-based antioxidants and phytonutrients, supports gut and immune health as well as weight loss and reduced cravings. Plus it's vegan and gluten-free. It's basically one of my favorite gut support tools!

Once you are set up, you will receive a new client welcome email from me to help us kick things off so I can best support you. It includes a link to my private monthly group. My client cell phone where you can TEXT me with questions you don't feel comfortable asking in the group (24-48 hour response time), plus a nutrition getting started guide with lots of recipes and my meal planning suggestions. I will check in with you via email throughout your first month and you can always reply to my emails with questions or just to give me an update on how your journey is going! I love hearing from you guys!

Are you ready to say good-bye to wrestling with willpower? Ready to finally take control of your cravings with science? I'm ready to support you!


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