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It's Okay Lads!

Calie and I go over a lot of the questions asked from you kind people about the cookbook, a healthy lifestyle, eating plant-based, energy for the gym.....the list goes on.⁣ One big topic that stood out from Calie’s female audience was about their boyfriends/husbands. “My partner loves meat. There is no way he would consider just eating plant-based!”⁣

I get that because I was the same way! Probably more so than most. Loved meat. But I knew my body didn’t so I made the change immediately. Like I always say, of course I miss it, but it was a health choice.⁣ One big stumbling block I’ve noticed in my friend group is that MEN eat MEAT! Throw a few steaks on the grill and crack open a cold one. Eat Chicken after the gym because it will help build muscle. You know the drill.⁣ Here’s an example for ya... After I play soccer on a Sunday, it’s typical for the team to go out for beer and food afterwards. Eating a steak, a burger, something the size of a small car on your plate covered in meat and sauce. With a 30oz beer. (That used to be my heaven). But when I order my plate of veggies, pita and hummus with green chili, and a 16oz beer, a few of the lads will joke about it etc etc. It got me thinking about how men see plant-based eaters. It doesn’t fit into the “masculine” stereotype the world has created. And that goes across many other platforms. For example...⁣ -Wearing a face mask isn’t considered manly⁣ -Have a bath⁣ -Getting a weekly massage ⁣ -Using moisturizer etc etc⁣ I do all of the above. And I fucking love it!⁣ The cookbook will give everyone meat options to use for each recipe because we know it’s not as easy for everyone to just give up meat straight away. Calie and I just want to provide a guide, that first step towards being comfortable eating more plant-based foods than meat. Whilst doing this, we will be honest and direct in our approach. No bullshit.⁣

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