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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) & How I Beat It Naturally!

So, most people think of excessive sweating as embarrassing and something they don't want to talk or tell people about. I have had "Hyperhidrosis" since I was a little lad.

The true definition is;

A medical condition in which a person sweats excessively and unpredictably. People with hyperhidrosis may sweat even when the temperature is cool or when they are at rest.

Just like my stomach issues over the past ten years, I got used to sweating for no reason. I simply accepted it as part of my life as every doctor and article said there was no cure and no effective treatment.

Now, to be blunt, I don't trust many doctors. I respect them for what they do and how hard it must be to work in such an environment. But every time I have been to the doctors or a hospital, I feel they do a few tests and give me some form of pill and say "this will help". Basically, they wanted to cover the wound and not h

eal it. Or maybe they want to do more, but that's all they've been taught in medical school. The experience I had over ten years of stomach pains was just that. No one told me what I had that was causing me so much pain. I took the numerous pills they gave me and trusted their knowledge. Nothing helped, it got worse and worse until finally my stomach shut down and I was rushed to the Hospital last year!

It is experiences like this that caused me to give up trying to heal my hyperhidrosis. I was told to try steroid cream, prescription antiperspirant, different powders and even Botox under the arms which would shut down my sweat glands. But sweat has to come out somewhere. We have sweat glands for a reason. It's a major detox method for our bodies so I didn't want to completely shut those glands off.

I tried everything (apart from the Botox) and none of it worked. I even tried acupuncture. Nothing! So, I found a company online called Thompson Tee. These were just a cover but it was the only thing that didn't show my soccer ball sized sweat marks! They actually work really well and I highly recommend them. But wearing

a T Shirt in the summer with one of a Thompson Tee underneath it was so uncomfortable and hot! So every clothing item I purchased had to be a dark color if I wasn't going to double up. Well I love light colors so doubling up was the only option and I was always uncomfortable.

6 weeks ago, I noticed I didn't have sweat marks under my arms. I was in the house, just cooking and it was a weird feeling. Every time I wear a t shirt, i always have sweat marks. I thought "my body must be having a good day". I didn't think much more about it and was just happy for that little win :) Then the next day, and the next, and the next...NOTHING. I didn't change anything, didn't wear different clothes or change my deodorant. So what happened??

Being plant based for just over a year now seems to not only have given me more energy, better skin and a better has completely wiped out my hyperhidrosis!

Of course I am over the moon. No more under T Shirts and I can finally wear light colored clothes without having to think about it. But I am just a little frustrated that not one out of the ten doctors I visited even mentioned that changing my eating habits or going plant based would help! Why?? I guess they don't know. But now you do!

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