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Calie's Next Challenge Group: Transforming 2020

When I thought about what I wanted to work on for myself in my next challenge...

When I looked at the messages I'm receiving from you guys about what you're struggling with and where you need support...

I saw a consistent theme...inconsistency!

2020 threw us all for a loop and the hits just kept coming.

We lost our focus. We let go of our healthy habits and non-negotiables and did what we needed to do to get by, survive, and trudge through the change. And that was fine, for a time, but I think you guys are with me when I say...I'm ready to feel good again! I'm ready to feel like I'm in control of my life! I'm ready to feel empowered. I'm ready to feel vibrant and healthy. I'm ready to TRANSFORM 2020. Who's with me?

So, the next 6 weeks are about transforming into the best version of YOU/ME/US!

What we're sweating out...

  • We're gonna sweat out fear and anxious thoughts and feelings.

  • We're gonna sweat out all the extra alcohol and comfort food we used to control our emotions over the last 6 months.

  • We're gonna sweat out the doubts and limiting beliefs we let in.

AND, what we're adding back in...

  • We're gonna reset our morning routines and create an evening routine to transform our mindsets, our moods and our sleep.

  • We're gonna reset our cravings and our gut health by embracing more plants in our meal plans! Yup I'm sharing plant-based meals this time around!

  • And we're gonna reset our intentions to finish this year stronger than we started and truly TRANSFORM 2020 into a year that made us better!

What's included:

  • Morning routine - ideas and support for creating a routine that works for you and examples and resources from my personal routine

  • Evening routine - because how we end the night not only impacts our sleep, but also sets the tone for how our next day begins

  • Hybrid workout calendar rooted in Transform 20 with Shaun T + bonus workouts from Barre and some of your favorite strength programs (No VIP early access programs required) *20 min 6 days a week OR 40 min depending on your goals and how you choose to follow the plan

  • 6 weeks of plant-based meal plans

  • Saturday morning Sip & Sweat is coming back!!!!

  • Accountability challenge: earn points and prizes by completing weekly challenges to get you out of you comfort zone, create consistency and inspire others! Grand Prize: $100 NIKE GIFT CARD

What is TRANSFORM 20:

Transform :20 is a fast, super-intense fitness program created by Super Trainer Shaun T that will transform your body - and your mind - in just 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week over 6 weeks. Be forewarned - it's hard. But the results will be worth it. Transform :20 is a breakthrough total - body workout without breaks. It's just you, Shaun T, and a Step. After 5 minutes, you'll be out of breath, at 10 minutes you'll be sweating, in 15 minutes you'll belooking at the clock, and by minute 20 you'll be done. You'll blast your core, legs, glutes, and upper body - no weights required. There's a different workout every day, 6 days a week, done in real time with the cast. No do-overs and no repeats.

Shaun broke this up into 3 phases.

  • Phase 1 COMMIT

  • Phase 2 CLIMB 

  • Phase 3 CONQUER

And yes, each phase will start to get harder, but there is a modifier so you can grow with the program! 

In addition to the 32 unique workouts Shaun has for us, you will also get access to 6 bonus workouts with weights and 4 bonus cardio workouts that you can add to your 20 minute commitment if you feel you need or want more some days. And I've provided a fun calendar to mix these in along with some Barre for keeping us stretched, open, flexible and strong.

As for nutrition, because we know that’s a huge part of our overall results…I will provide a weekly meal plan, but I will also be available to lead you through Ultimate Portion Fix (portion controlled containers if you love and thrive with structure) or 2B Mindset (which is similar to how I eat...intuitively for my body with some helpful guidelines). My meal plans are plant-based but you always have the option to add in animal protein if you'd like.

How & Why To Join Us?

Here's our plan. We start Monday, September 14. Creating our morning & evening routines, uncovering our why, prepping amazing meals plans full of food we're actually excited to eat. We add in a weekly affirmation to work on our mindset because that's a huge part of Transform 20 and TRANSFORMING 2020. Our mind will quit long before our bodies actually give up. If we can get our mindset right, our self-talk right, our confidence and goals right....we can accomplish anything!

No "falling off the wagon". It becomes just a series of choices that help us reach our goals. One decision, one day, one week at a time. If you choose the 20 minute workouts plus your morning and evening routine, you're looking at about a 30 minute daily commitment to a healthier, happier you. That's pretty reasonable for self-care and success. It's literally about 2% of your day. You can give yourself 2% of your day! Even if you do the bonus workouts, you're only at an hour of your day or 4%. That leaves 96% for everyone else and everything else you have to do. I hope that puts things in perspective.

We're starting Monday, but we'll be prepping this weekend so don't wait to join us!

*Don't worry if you don't have a step. There is a modifier to show you what to do if you don't have access to one and you can always order one or grab one at Target if you decide you need/want it.

It’s time to commit to TRANSFORMING 2020 and to becoming the healthiest AND happiest version of you. Our circumstances don't determine our joy...we do. Let the challenges of this year serve as fuel for growth. It's up to us.

If you're in...and since you read this far...I really hope you are...fill out my application with your personal selections so I know exactly how to support you and can help you get set up in the group as quickly as possible.


If the form below doesn't work on your device, please click this link!

Hope to see lots of you in this accountability group starting September 14!

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