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When I first started experimenting with a vegan diet my goals were..

1. To give my liver a little rest and reset.

2. See how it impacts my energy levels.

3. Become a better support to my vegan clients and learn some new recipes.

Listen to your body and never say never!

Eight years ago, in nutrition school, we were asked to experiment with a variety of diet and nutrition plans. Eating vegan was one of them. I did it for two weeks and I honestly felt awful the entire time. I felt weak, tired and had zero energy. (Note...this could have been detox symptoms, but I wasn't aware of that at the time.)

For the next five years, I was adamant that I could not and would never eat vegan again. It just wasn't for me. But never say never... people change. Our bodies need different things at different times and we should always remain open to that.

For several months vegan nutrition kept coming up for me...mainly because of my liver. The liver is basically the housekeeping department of our bloodstream. It has the important job of cleaning all the toxins out that we put in. Since I have MTHFR, I have a reduced capacity to process out toxins daily - at least to do so quickly and efficiently.

So, I first and foremost try to reduce the toxins I allow in. But second, I make supporting the detoxification process a constant priority. (Dry brushing, epsom salt baths and lots of water are part of my daily routine.)

I decided to go back to a vegan diet when some blood work revealed that my liver was a little tired and stressed. I wanted to give it a rest and give my body a nutrient boost so I decided to try the vegan route for 7 days.

This time around it was a much better experience for me. I guess my mind and body just needed to be in the right place to embrace and appreciate this way of nourishing myself. I had tons of energy. I enjoyed all of the food and discovered some delicious recipes that will definitely stay in my regular rotation and I haven't missed meat at all. I continued to cook my kids meat (served with plants of course) and felt zero temptation to have any.

I guess the lesson in all of this is to listen to your body and never say never :)


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