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30 Day Breakaway: What do you need to break up with?

I’m new to running. It’s not my favorite. But like everything...the experience has had lots of lessons and I’m learning to focus on the gifts of the run. I wouldn't call myself a runner, and I don't know that I ever have a goal to be one, but I do know when something challenges's often a call to grow and break through so that I can become stronger...not just physically but also mentally.

So when I heard there was an opportunity to participate in a 30 Day running program (which turns out to be more of a lifting program with a running component) I had to weigh the pros and cons. Here's what I came up with...

Things I love about running:

  • The scenery. Just being outside in different parts of my neighborhood taking in the beauty of the ocean, beach, flowers, homes and people.

  • Time to think. I find I do a lot of thinking and reflecting when I run. It’s not like my other workouts where I’m so focused on the mind muscle connection, reps and good form. When I run, it’s just me and my thoughts. It’s like moving meditation.

  • The mindset challenge. It’s hard for me. I don’t love it. So I have to choose it. And work to keep going. It’s more of a mindset workout than a physical workout and that’s an important muscle to exercise daily.

  • The results. I definitely feel more lean, my lungs feel stronger and my speed and endurance are helping me grow in my at home workouts. 

  • Getting a daily dose of vitamin D (especially now when our immune systems really need it) and a great detoxing sweat. 

Things I dislike about running:

  • Actually running!

Turns out, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So I've decided to take on this new challenge, but this time with structure and a goal. And I'm opening it up to anyone who wants to join me, because I find challenges like this are always a lot easier to commit to and stick to when I'm accountable to more than myself.

Here are the details

The program, 30 Day Breakaway, was developed by Idalis Velazquez, a NASM-certified personal trainer, mom of 3, and dedicated athlete since her days in Puerto Rico, where she ranked nationally as a track-and-field star for 10 years. 

Our 30 Day Breakaway challenge is a chance to breakaway from unhealthy habits we might have developed this year. To breakaway from the fears and limiting beliefs that convince us we can’t be runners. To breakaway from the mundane, the usual, and to prove to ourselves that we’re always stronger than we think! 

Over the course of 30 days we’re gonna learn to love running. And if we don’t, we’ll at least learn to appreciate it. To control our breath. To push our bodies. To enjoy the scenery and the journey. 30 Day Breakaway is going to help us build a strong, lean physique, and use that strength and stamina to take on whatever our days throw at us as well as a virtual Turkey Trot 5K! 

Before we go any further? I hear the doubts and questions in your mind...I hate running, I work out early and can't run outside, it's too hot by me, it's too cold by me, I don't have time, I'd rather lift, I don't want to lose muscle, or even...I'm an experienced runner...this will be too easy for me. Can you just stick with me and hear what I'm proposing please :)

Why this can and will work for all of us

Idalis has combined body-sculpting strength training with the fat-burning power of running - a super-effective approach that helps you get more results in less time...and an unbelievable transformation at the 5K finish line. In just 30 days, you can run a 5K - and we’re going to celebrate and commemorate that victory with a Beachbody provided medal AND I’m having a special Turkey Trot 5K T-shirt designed just for our group which you’ll have the chance to order for race day!

If you're an experienced runner who thinks a 5K is just a warm up, there's an advanced calendar option for you so you can benefit from the strength training component as well as the stretch and recovery while using the runs with add on time or as your recovery runs.

There are audio options to take your runs outside so you can pop on your headphones and break away from your living room. Which we can all use right now, am I right? If you can’t get outside, Idalis leads you through video-based runs set against beautiful backdrops that you can do on your treadmill - she even includes a rainy day cardio routine in case getting outdoors or running indoors isn’t an option. And again, if you can't get out and don't have a treadmill, I've seen girls in the test group run their street, their driveway, their backyard. The runs are a small component. 2-4 a week tops and never more than about 25 minutes. So you can make it work.

Worried about losing muscle or getting too lean...this is a running meets resistance training challenge designed to get us fitter and faster. Idalis will lead us through fast and effective resistance workouts followed by interval training runs that push us for short bursts at a level that’s right for you, whether that’s a brisk walk, slow jog or steady run. So you aren't overtraining on cardio and you are building core strength and overall muscle to make you a stronger person AND runner.

The workouts are 20-40 minutes, 6 days a week. To make the most of the days you’ll be resistance training (and to help relieve tired muscles when you’re not), you’ll need:

  • A set of light, medium, and heavy dumbbells

  • Resistance Loops

  • A foam roller

  • A good pair of running shoes

What else is included with the group?

Because health and wellness are about so much more than just how we move our bodies. This group will also include:

  • Nutrition information and education. The option to follow my sample meal-plans, which are all plant-based and intuitive eating OR choose between 2B Mindset and Ultimate Portion Fix if you thrive on structure. Both nutrition programs come free when you purchase a Challenge Pack and each offers a unique approach to weight loss that lets you eat the foods you love while helping you tackle emotional roadblocks that can keep you from breakthrough results. 2B Mindset lets you eat larger volumes of the right foods to help keep you satisfied, while Ultimate Portion Fix takes the guesswork out of eating with color-coded containers that measure out perfectly portioned meals. You’ll also get 7-day sample meal plans no matter which program you decide to follow.

  • 30 Day Self-Care calendar with ideas to help you rest and reset and care for your body and mind.

  • Weekly affirmations to support you in developing positive self talk habits and a strong mindset focused on gratitude and positivity so you can attract more joy and good into your life every day!

  • AND a weekly zoom call to discuss your wins for the week, challenges, nutrition, gut health and any other questions you have or areas where you need support. We are truly going to come together as a team and celebrate when we cross the cross the finish line in our virtual Turkey Day 5K scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.

Key Dates:

  • Join as a coach and enroll 3 additional people into our accountability group with a challenge pack and I'll pay for your Turkey Trot T-shirt.

  • Prep week October 20-25, 2020 (plus new coach training with Calie)

  • Day 1 of 30 - October 26, 2020

  • Turkey Trot - November 25, 2020

Ready to Jump Into 30 Day Breakaway! Complete the form below to be the first to be added to the group when it opens up October 5. (Optional: Get personal training and guidance from me to help you invite 3 other

(If for some reason you have trouble with the form on the device you are using, you can simply click this link and it will direct you!)

Still unsure...doubting yourself? Try the free sample workout here and let me know what you think! I’m here to support you. 

Can’t wait to run with you! 

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