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(Video) A Day In The Life - My Plant-Based Costco Haul

You guys asked for it, so here it is. A sample plant-based grocery from shop from Costco.

In this video, you hear what I buy and why, some suggestions on how I use it, what I bulk meal prep and how that comes together for me during the week for meals, plus some tips on what to avoid when shopping at Costco.

Coming my next video, I'll share a sample plant-based meal prep day and show you how we keep it simple to minimize our time in the kitchen and maximize our meals and nutrient intake throughout the week.

Thanks for watching! For additional support on your plant-based journey or more information on using plants to optimize your gut health, check out some of my favorite resources for you!

Plant-Based Cookbook...Well Kind Of

21 Day Sugar Detox (3 weeks of plant-based meal plans, recipes and shopping lists)

Take the gut health quiz and get personalized recommendations to enhance your gut health based on your results.

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