Breaking Through To Find BALANCE with Health Coach Calie

Work With Me 

A Self-Care Approach To A Healthier You

Do you feel stuck in your weight loss or health journey? Are everyone else’s needs coming before your own?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we should talk! There are hundreds of theories and paths to achieving long-term wellness, but they all start in the same place – breaking through to find BALANCE. Forget what the media says. Don’t try to duplicate your neighbors favorite diet. Leave the self-help books on the shelf for now. It’s time to start listening to your UNIQUE body. I’ve been where you are and I can help. When I took control of my health it truly changed my life. The journey looks different on everyone, but together we will identify what health and wellness means to you because it’s more than just a number on a scale. The clients I work with experience transformation beyond weight loss and physical changes – they find true joy and confidence – gain control of their lives and experience vibrancy and energy in a healthy body.

Finally obtain food freedom!

Plant-based burger with pickles.

Discover inner confidence!

Calie and inner confidence.

Learn your body’s signals!

Calie preparing healthy meals.

Master your moods for good!

Calie and Don cooking.

Love your life!!!

Jump Start Your Health Journey

Personalized 1:1 health coaching to set you on the path to optimal wellness

Jump Start Your Health Journey.
  • 5 Health Coaching sessions with Calie Calabrese via a 50 minute zoom call

  • Personal health history & assessment prior to our call

  • Personalized written plan and next steps for achieving your health goals post session

  • Begin working toward your healthiest self with a personalized meal plan, recipes, self-care tips and holistic support tools to overcome your biggest obstacles.


6 Month Wellness Intensive

Personal Transformation Plan

  • 6 months of 1 : 1 nutrition coaching and personalized wellness coaching with Calie Calabrese via Zoom calls

  • One 50-minute health history assessment and initial consultation via Zoom call

  • 12 50-minute follow-up sessions (2 sessions per month)

  • Monthly personalized written plans and next steps for achieving your health goals including meal plans, recipes, fitness recommendations, self-care assignments and holistic support tools to overcome your biggest obstacles

  • Access to Calie via email for questions and updates to keep you on track between appointments (48 hour response time)

  • Learn to understand your body’s signals and become your own health guru


Six Month Wellness Intensive Personal Transformation Plan

30 Day Challenge

Next group begins May 1 (space is limited)

Thirty Day Challenge
  • Learn to eat a plant-based diet to curb your cravings, jump start weight loss, increase your energy and get glowing skin in this fun + easy to follow 30-day online challenge

  • Weekly plant-based meal plan, shopping list and recipes

  • Accountability and coaching via our private online group

  • Cleanse & detox tips

  • Weekly self-care challenges + tutorials

  • Live video kick-off call to help your prepare and get your plant-based questions answered

Group Retreats

A Luxury Wellness Retreat with the Calabrese Siblings!

  • A luxury wellness retreat to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit led by wellness experts and siblings, Autumn, Bobby, and Calie Calabrese.

  • Spend 4 days and 3 nights enhancing your health in a beautiful retreat home with all the amenities and head home with the tools and techniques you need to maintain your new-found wellness and keep glowing from the inside out.

  • Learn workouts that actually work to strengthen, sculpt and stretch your body while firing up your metabolism to keep burning calories long after you are done working out.

  • Relax with a 60-minute essential oils massage customized to aid your most pressing health goals.

  • Enjoy a private health coaching session to create your own personalized road map for weight loss and wellness.

  • Receive a repertoire of recipes to keep eating healthy at home.

Calabrese Luxury Wellness Group Retreats

 Testimonials for Calie Calabrese

I started working with Calie back in February of 2016. It was so fun and motivating to be part of the challenge group. It really helped keep me accountable and on track. All of her nutritional knowledge helped me realize that this wasn’t some type of crash-diet. Over the last year I’ve gone from weighing around 159 down to 133 and fully transitioning into a healthy lifestyle! It has been a slow, healthy progression and I owe it all to finally saying yes to one of Calie’s groups.
— Meredith Svoboda - 30 - Nashville, TN

Over a year ago, I decided to take my health and wellness to the next level by working with a professional holistic coach. I was so impressed with the wealth of knowledge she has in wellness and holistic health. She is an authority and one that I admire and believe in. She helped me feel my best through food and lifestyle changes. After battling digestive issues and weight gain I’ve finally reached my goal weight and I feel fantastic. Calie supports the “whole person” instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising. As a health coach, Calie creates the work that she loves and it comes straight from her heart. I had such a wonderful experience partnering with her, that I have referred her to my co-workers and family. She has truly changed my life.
— Sharon Simon - 50 - Northern California