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Welcome to the Bye Bye Bloat Course! I'm so excited to take you on this journey to begin healing your gut, elevating your mindset and empowering your life! 


If you’ve invested in this course, chances are you’re experiencing some combination of the following: bloating, gas pain, constipation, diarrhea, weight loss plateaus or yo-yoing, food sensitivities, agitation, anxiety, low libido, poor memory, irritability, insomnia, feeling uninspired, difficulty staying on track because you lack energy and confidence, sluggish or just not yourself.


I have great news for you! That is not your new normal. It's not your age. It's not how you're destined to feel. And you've already done the hardest part. You've made the decision to take control of your health and how you feel.


Shortly, you will receive your first in a series of 30 emails. These emails are designed to walk you through your healing journey one day at a time. You'll get everything you need in your Welcome To The Course email to help you get set up for week 1. That includes your supplement outline (don't's just a few things...we like to focus on food not pills), your meal plan and recipes, and you're starting point assessment. 


You will follow these guidelines daily and each morning you'll wake up to a new email with a new lesson to help you better understand your body and how to put your gut back into balance so you can look and feel your best. The information is delivered slowly, daily, in digestible bites so that you won't become overwhelmed but you will stay engaged and motivated. A few days before the start of each new week you will find your update meal plans and recipes attached to that days email and occasionally there will be a self-assessment quiz to help you tune into where you need to focus and what might be holding up your healing journey so be sure to read through each email thoroughly and look for attachments. 


I recommend saving these emails in a Bye Bye Bloat folder so you can go back and reference them again and again as needed. This course is yours to keep and use for ever as long as you save your emails. If you're super organized, you might even print them out and save them in a binder for easy reference. Whatever works for you.


I'm looking forward to supporting you on your healing journey. Congratulations and get excited! You're about to feel the best you've felt in a long time!


If you would like even more info before purchasing the course, click the link below:

Bye Bye Bloat - 30 Days To A Healthy Gut

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