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The following pages are set up to allow you to offer an advanced level of information and support to your gut protocol clients as they go on this 4 week journey.


These daily emails will help them think beyond the basic foundation of Gut Protocol, work through obstacles, dig into their unique lifestyle challenges and identify solutions to overcome them. 


Each day provides a lesson into the science behind the commitment they’ve made and the reasons they are eliminating some foods, focusing on adding others while also working on reducing stress and detoxing their homes.


In these pages you will find advanced supplementation recommendations to enhance healing for clients who have more symptoms or are not experiencing the expected results after two weeks of following the Gut Protocol. I recommend you insert your own Amazon and Beachbody links to these supplements.


Each week your clients will also benefit from a positive affirmation to inspire them and keep them focused on what they can do, what they get to do vs focusing on the things they are giving up. Plus, each week comes with bonus gut friendly recipes to help your clients get creative in the kitchen and find new foods they love that love them back.


These are the canva links to the weekly recipes. You can add your own photos and make any edits you’d like to them to make them your brand, but you MUST MAKE A COPY before changing anything.


I recommend putting these emails into a workflow that will automatically be sent each day at the same time for 30 days. You will also be promoted to include your own unique links to a google form symptom tracker that allows you track and collect your clients progress and photos each week for promotional purposes as well as offering a higher level of support and helping them celebrate their little wins along the way!


I encourage you to read through each email as you set this up and make sure it feels like your voice. Add your own story, tweaks and language to make this your own. There are several spots where you are prompted to add your own story, BOD group details, invites to coaching and introductions to additional support products including First Thing and Last Thing.


You will notice there is a place in each email that says insert photo. You can insert your own progress pics from the program here. You can insert progress pics from your clients to celebrate them and motivate the others in the group. You can also insert the weekly affirmation graphics here. The choice is yours to make the email your own!


Plus, editable links to the weekly affirmation graphics.


It's a comprehensive tool to maximze your clients' results, increase results and retention, boost volume and grow your business. This email series is for the purchasers use only and may not be shared with your teams or resold. 

30 Day Email Series To Support Your 4 Week Gut Protocol Clients

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