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(Video) A Day In The Life: Date Night From the Trunk Of Our Car

In this episode: I share a peek into my morning routine, my favorite breakfast smoothie bowl and a recipe for Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash bowls. Plus, Nic and I take you along on date night from the trunk of our car in Malibu as continue to find creative ways to safely get out during strict quarantine rules in Los Angeles. Being a certified holistic health coach isn't what makes me health. It's simple daily acts, repeated consistently over time that adds up to great health. In this video series, I'll share the little things I do to build a health gut, a positive mind, and a joyful life. Because if you have to sacrifice joy and fun to be're kind of missing the point! Health is about quality of life...follow me and let's build a life you love to live.

All items and recipes shared in this video are linked below. Follow me on Instagram @coachcalie for more day to day tips, recipes and inspiration.

Ellie's Nut Milk Bag for morning celery juice - use coupon code "coachcalie" for 10% off.

Collagen - This is not vegan. I'm not vegan, but I am 98% plant-based. This is really the only animal product I consume. I haven't found a plant-based collagen that I like, but I'm still looking.

5 Minute Journal - making time for 5 minutes of daily gratitude is life changing and mindset changing. Don't believe it. Try it...fill this journal with daily gratitude and see how you feel.

My online workout library - I run monthly groups using the over 600 fitness programs offered here. But you can do them from home, on your own, with limited equipment. Options for every fitness level and every schedule.

My Plant-Based PreWorkout - I don't use this for every workout, but I find it helps me a lot for runs and any workout that's over 30 minutes and more intense like HIIT or a heavy leg day. I love the way working out helps me feel, but my clients who struggle with motivation to move find this really helps them get going. Lemon is the crowd favorite, but I prefer Fruit Punch.

21 Day Sugar Detox - 21 Days of meal plans and recipes that Nic and I created for our private plant-based coaching group. Plus a guide to tracking your symptoms and maximizing the plan. No deprivation, no going hungry with this plan. It's a lot of food, a lot of nutrients with minimal time commitment.

Mediterranean Spaghetti Squash Recipe - find the ingredients and directions + more tips on how to use the versatile spaghetti squash in this blog post.

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