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The reason I wanted to start a “men’s health” themed blog is because in my experience, men (including myself) were/are a little uneducated when it comes to self-care. Uneducated and if we are honest, afraid to show that side of ourselves! I was anyway.

When I was in my teenage years, I used to hide my little routines of self-care, just so the lads wouldn’t make fun of me. But the ironic thing was, most of those friends were doing very similar self-care routines themselves! So why the fuck didn’t we just talk about it, share our advice and tips with each other?? Because men aren’t supposed to.

Ladies, you will probably hear your husband/boyfriend or son talk about certain things “I got a zit today” or “my skin looks a little tired” or “ I’ll just wear my baseball cap cause I don’t really know what to do with my hair”. Maybe play it off like they don’t really care, but deep down, they might! So if there is a post that you think will relate to him in the future, pass it onto him, tell him to scan it and he may find it useful (he probably won’t openly admit he did).

One thing I know from experience is that men do one thing really well…we pretend. But deep down, most men want to look good, smell good and look in the mirror each morning and feel good about what is looking back at them. I have a circle of friends that are all very different.

I think that is one reason why many of them don’t know each other and we hang out individually. The point is, I’ve had discussions with all of them and I know they all want to look good. Why wouldn’t you?

Personally, I’m not what you would consider your stereotypical MANLY man. I don’t spend hours and hours at the gym, I don’t know how to change the oil on my car, I don’t usually sit around watching sports all day and I no longer eat meat. All of these things are great, and personal to each individual. I just personally enjoy a balance. For example, I’ll spend the day building my house and then head home and stick a face mask on! That is my balance.

I have several blog posts in mind, but I am sure they will expand as we go along. A few of those topics that will pop up over the next few months are:


Working Out


Mental Health



These topics are what I’ve personally experienced and discussed with friends, family and colleagues. I will share some of my tips along the way but like with everything, it will always come down to the individual. My goal is to help lads ask questions that they usually wouldn’t ask and if some of the tips I share with them resonate, brilliant!

Cheers to men’s health!

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