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Habit Stack Your Way To Health

Making fitness fun and helping you find joy in the journey

If you actually enjoy the lifestyle you're living, building health becomes as easy as brushing your teeth. It's just a series of no brainer choices that help you feel good and easily fit into your routine without stress.

Where I see most people struggle, where I struggled for so many years, comes down to two things:

False Belief #1: Change is hard.That getting healthy has to be hard or it's not going to work. We mistakenly think that if we aren't killing ourselves, we aren't depriving ourselves, we aren't struggling, then we must not be doing enough and we won't achieve change.

Truth: Change is hard when we try to change too much at one time. When we choose things that we don't enjoy. When we focus on what we're missing instead of what we're gaining. It's possible to make change feel good. But it requires patience and understanding that change comes over time not over night.

False Belief #2: Change comes from dramatic, difficult actions, executed for a short period of time to get a fast result. That might produce change, but it doesn't equate to sustainable change or a healthy lifestyle.

Truth: If you want to build a healthy life it requires establishing a healthy lifestyle. That's a series of choices you enjoy making. It's how you want to live your life. Not something you yo-yo in and out of. Not going from one extreme to the other. Finding that middle ground of balance that you can live vs force.

Sustainable change. Creating a healthy lifestyle. That comes from small, sustainable choices, made over time that you can build on. Little steps that feel doable...even enjoyable until they become brushing your teeth. Do you know they added foam and mint to toothpaste to help establish the HABIT of teeth brushing? Why does it work. Because it's something people looked forward to. That minty fresh feeling. The foam that felt like it was helping to clean their teeth. It's all an association that made the habit more enjoyable so people kept coming back to it. Teeth brushing didn't used to be a common part of daily life. Very few people did it. If we can make brushing your teeth a healthy habit that most people choose twice a day. We can make movement a healthy habit that most people choose daily too!

Once you establish one healthy habit, you add another. Building our habits on top of each other is how we create a healthy body (physically and mentally) and how we live life feeling like the best version of ourselves.

This belief is the foundation I've built my own health on and how I help my clients find success. I have hundreds of clients who who have been consistently participating in my groups for over 5 years. They keep coming back because they find success. They find success because we make small sustainable changes. We focus on making them enjoyable. It's a journey. Not a race.

That's why I'm so excited about a new fitness option I have to share with you. It's called XB Sweat & Sculpt and it's pure joy wrapped up in a workout.

  • 30 minute workouts

  • 5 days a week

  • limited equipment needed so it travels well and doesn't require a big investment (resistance loops and optional 2 lb ankle weights)

  • And you!

This program is only 21 days long. My favorite time frame! Why? Because it's a short term commitment anyone can make, regardless of how busy their schedule is. And when you complete'll be feeling so'll see how beneficial a small daily commitement to yourself can be...and you're more likely to keep going. Because you aren't burned out or bored.

What is XB Sweat & Sculpt?

You can try it out for yourself here!

And learn a little more about the program and the crew we'll be working out with here...

Are you ready to find joy in the journey and in your body again? Or maybe for the first time! To have F



working out and get amazing results!

Then XB Sweat & Sculpt is for you and so is this group. If you're interested in XBSS fill out this form and I'll send you all the details to join me. When you do, you'll have access to my monthly online wellness accountability groups for the next 12 months. Each month has a new wellness focus and a new habit to work on so we can stack our way to our healthiest lives!


☑️ XB Sweat + Sculpt will have you commit to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks to help you boost your metabolism, up your endurance, and define your entire body.

☑️ XB Sweat + Sculpt keeps things simple and fun! This 3-week program includes 15 real-time workouts that are the perfect combination of easy-to-follow rhythmic cardio and targeted sculpting. No fancy equipment (or actual rhythm) required.

☑️First, there are exhilarating Sweat workouts. Think low-impact HIIT, but with a unique twist. These workouts alternate between cardio-dance intervals that are packed with fun and simple steps to get your heart rate up and keep you moving, and sculpting intervals that focus on slower, more controlled muscle-defining exercises.

☑️Next, we balance out all that cardio with targeted Sculpt workouts. Each of these focuses on your upper, lower, or total body with challenging moves that target specific muscle groups to help you strengthen from head to toe. You’ll finish each Sculpt session with a 5-10 minute circuit that zeroes in on your core to help you define your abdominals and obliques for the ultimate full-body burn and a strong foundation.

☑️For days when you’re short on time, there are five XB Sweat + Sculpt Express Workouts that clock in at just 10-15 minutes each. This is about creating habits and consistency. 10-15 min have just as much value and are totally worth doing to establish a new habit that will serve you long-term.

☑️ In addition to the program workouts, you get access to the entire library of workouts I've been using for over 6 years to establish my movement routine + 30 days free of BODi, a live workout platform. These workouts are great for rest days, bonus workouts, or continuing your journey post XB Sweat + Sculpt.

☑️I will be hosting an awesome 4 week habit building group where we can support each other, share with each other and make this program even more fun!

This is the only commitment you need to make to yourself to start to build your healthy lifestyle.

But, if you've already found consistency in your fitness journey this is still a great option for you. I've been working out consistently for 6 years and this is going to be my October program paired with Gut Healing nutrition and supplements.

I do a gut reset twice a year and this is my last group of 2022. I'll be taking a group through a 28 day Gut reset in October using XBSS as our low impact fitness partner because exercise can either enhance our gut health or hinder it. This is the perfect compliment for enhancement.

I do this twice a year to keep my gut healthy and strong, reduce inflammation, balance my hormones, enhance my immune health and boost my mood and mental clarity. The program is extremely easy to follow and I have lots of delicious, family friendly recipes to share with you each week. PLUS I created a 30 day email series to compliment our private group and help you expand your gut healing knowledge, problem solve for you unique food and lifestyle triggers and move into maintenance mode so you can maximize your healing.

Ready to stack onto your movement habit with healthy nutrition and gut healing habits? Fill out this form or read more about the 4 Week Gut Protocol here.

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