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English Breakfast with a Twist

Of course I have to include English classics because everyone misses their home comfort food. This one is sooo easy to make and really hits the spot. This was made Saturday morning (which is a typical "English Fry Up" type of morning). Then everyone heads to the pub to watch the footy (soccer).

This classic has a little twist added. I'm a huge fan of fajita vegetables (will be in the cookbook), so I threw some of them on with some leftover over curry potatoes. And as always, this is just a guide, add your own items and leave some of mine out if you think they would taste like shit ;)


Plant-based Sausage (I used these)

Baked Beans





Potatoes (these were left over so I just heated them up in the same pan I sauteed the veggies in)

Gluten Freen Whole Grain Bread


Fajita and Sea Salt

You can use whatever you fancy


Coconut Sweet Chili (Traditionally in England its ketchup or brown sauce)


1. Cut the veggies into small chunks. Saute all veggies together for 10 mins on medium heat. I tossed them in coconut oil. I add the seasoning a few minutes into cooking.

2. Whilst those are cooking, I stuck the bread in the toaster, put the beans in the microwave and put the sausage under the Broil in the oven. Turn the sausages after a few minutes (they are already cooked so we are just heating them up).

3. Plate.

The whole thing takes literally 10 minutes!

4. If you really want to start your morning strong, pair with a Bloody Mary ;)

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