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Cookies & Creamy! Summer just got tastier...

I hear from so many picky eaters who want to work on gut health and eat more plants, but struggle to eat the foods that support this. They're looking for a simple solution. This is it!

Over the years of eating healthy (because my why and my goals were bigger than my tastebuds), I've learned to like most foods. But I know that not everyone is at that place, yet. You wish your tastebuds made it easier for you to eat healthier, but right now, they're not on board. You're looking for a solution. This is it!

This is not a protein shake! I's not a protein shake!!! I don't recommend protein shakes to my clients. Protein deficiencies are extremely rare and most people can meet their bodies protein needs whether they're plant-based or other simply by eating a diversity of foods each day. However, MANY people are nutrient deprived!!! That's a real problem in our culture today. Supplements can be helpful in bridging the gap, but supplementation with something our body actually recognizes as food is so much more effective and more easily absorbed solution!

This is what I drink, my youngest drinks it, and about 80% of my clients drink it. It's a delicious, clean, highly nutritious superfood smoothie free of dairy, egg, gluten, preservatives, sugar and other unwanted garbage. It does have some added protein, but again, it's not a protein shake.

It was co-created by Darin Olien, the superfood hunter, Netflix star and co-host of Zac Down To Earth. If you haven't seen that show on Netflix it's definitely a must watch.

I've listed some of the many benefits below to help you understand why I'm such a huge fan. I'm extremely picky about what I put in my body. I don't recommend things I wouldn't drink or give to my kids. For awhile, I admit that I couldn't drink these shakes because of my gluten sensitivity, but now that's it's gluten-free it's back into my regular rotation.

* 16-17 grams of high-quality vegan protein

* Digestive enzymes (support gut health)

* Prebiotics (support gut health)

* Probiotics (support gut health)

* Adaptogens (to help your body manage stress)

* Fiber (feeds those good gut bacteria and keeps things moving)

* Antioxidants (fight inflammation and free radicals)

* Vitamins

* Minerals

+ Supports weight loss, curbs cravings, supports healthy energy, supports healthy digestion, supports overall health. This is why I say it helps bridge the gap for picky eaters. It tastes better than a salad or bowl of veggies, but loads your body with as many nutrients and helps change your tastebuds and cravings over time.

When people eat less to lose weight, it makes sense that they miss out on nutrients that play vital and complex roles in the human body. But with as many as 60+ ingredients (including many that are typically hard to get in your diet), Shakeology is a delicious way to help fill in those nutrition gaps and stay on-track with your goals.

The newest flavor, Cookies & Creamy, comes out June 22. It's got more probiotics. Is vegan, gluten-free and free of dairy and cookies although it tastes just like the ice cream. I was lucky to get a few advanced sample packets to try and I'm sharing my favorite easy recipe for preparing it like a milkshake below.

For anyone who places an order on June 22, launch day, I'll be sending out a little recipe ebook full of more ideas for preparing this shake into summer desserts and treats including no bake energy balls, overnight oats, popsicles, nice cream and raw brownies.

Add your name to the VIP list to get my recipes and your give Cookies & Creamy a try this summer!

* comes with a 30 Day money back guarantee

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