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A New Journey

When you go on a new journey in life, like when I decided to go plant-based, it seemed that everything around me started to change as well! I started to look at things differently and started to question some of my habits. One of the biggest hurdles was some of my friends thinking I was now a “hippie”. And if I’m honest, I used to think of vegan as just that! During the first month of being plant-based, I felt so good both emotionally and physically that I wanted to share it with those close to me. Sharing my story with them, I think deep down I was hoping they would just give it a try for maybe a week or two because I wanted them to feel as good as I did.

I’ve known Wai (pictured) since I was 12. We have always had a “brother” type relationship and we FaceTime at least twice a week because he lives back in England. One of the things that has always connected us is trying something new the other has been doing in their life. It gets quite competitive at times 😂 When Wai started a business, I had to do the same. When I wanted to run 4 miles a day for a month, Wai did it as well. So when I mentioned to Wai that I was going to go plant-based, he of course, wanted to try it. He suffers from Gout attacks, and he’s been on a plant-based journey for just over 3 months now. He says he feels great, has more energy and his gout attacks have gone from once a week to once a month! He still eats meat on the weekends. Wai’s plant-based journey is different to mine, as is everyone’s. And that is why I wanted to write the cookbook with Calie. To ease people into a plant-based lifestyle and to make it accessible for those who still want to eat meat too!

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