Breaking Through To Find BALANCE with Health Coach Calie

Health Coaching
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Breaking Through To Find BALANCE


Why I Became a Health Coach

Breaking through to find BALANCE

Hi! I am Calie and I’m confident I can help you because I’ve been where you are. Vibrant health alluded me for years. My kids were spending more time in the pediatrician’s office than on the playground. So I went on a mission to change our health and it changed our lives! Now I’m passionate about helping you to change yours too!

A Balanced Approach To Health and Life

Calie and Don with 1:1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation

What You Get…

Private sessions where we work together to uncover the habits and limiting beliefs getting in the way of your healthy relationship with food.

Coach Calie Thirty Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Enhance your health…

Easy to follow plant based diet curbs your cravings, jump starts weight loss, increases energy and improves skin in a fun group challenge. Next group begins September 1, 2018!

Group Retreat

Group Retreats

Get Fully Immersed…

Getways featuring cooking by Bobby Calabrese, live workouts with Autumn Calabrese and holistic self-care with Calie Calabrese.

Calie’s Plant Based Meals for Vibrant Health is Now Available

Vegan meals from the kitchen of a holistic nutrition & lifestyle coach

Easy to prepare vegan meal inspiration for anyone looking to incorporate more plants into their diet. Delicious, nutritious, and ready in less than 30 minutes. No fancy kitchen gadgets needed.

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Plant Based Meals for Vibrant Health by Calie Calabrese, free ebook for download

Health Coaching & Lifestyle Programs

Ready for a fresh start?

Jump Start One-on-one Consultation

Jump Start

One on one nutrition and lifestyle coaching with Calie Calabrese via a 50 minute Zoom call

Personal health history & assessment prior to our call

Personalized written plan and next steps for achieving your health goals post session


3 Month Wellness Intensive

3 months of 1:1 nutrition coaching and personalized wellness coaching with Calie Calabrese via Zoom calls

One 50-minute health history assessment and initial consultation via phone

Three 50-minute follow up sessions

Monthly personalized written plans and next steps for achieving your health goals

Unlimited access to Calie Calabrese via email (48 hour response time)

Three Month Wellness Intensive Program
Health and Wellness Challenges

30 Day Gut Healing Support Group

Next group begins September 17, 2018

Learn to eat a plant based (not vegan) diet to heal your gut,  curb your cravings, jump start weight loss, increase your energy and get glowing skin in this fun + easy to follow 30 day online support group. Weekly plant-based meal plans, shopping list and recipes. Support identifying your food sensitivities and triggers and eliminating them to begin the healing process. Basic supplements to repair your gut lining and provider long-term relief from bloating and digestive discomfort. Online accountability and coaching via our private facebook group. Live weekly video nutrition lesson and q&a to help you up your gut health knowledge, get answers to your personal challenges and achieve the relief and results you are looking for. 


7-Day Mindset Makeover

Most of us have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. What stands between the two…our thoughts. Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, if you think it over and over…it will be. We create our reality with our thoughts. Every achievement, all the abundance that flows into our lives starts with a thought. When we see something in our life, when we believe it is ours…it is possible…when we imagine the details of it…we start to live as if it’s already there. The power of that thought…that belief…literally changes our energy and our life. It changes how we act and the choices we make, which guides us to the result. That’s good news. But it works for the positive and the negative. The most successful people aren’t the smartest…they aren’t the most talented…and they definitely aren’t just lucky. They most successful people are the thinkers…the dreamers…the believers! And you can be one of them!!! We all can. It starts with a thought. Do you think you can change your mindset? Do you believe you can think your way to enhanced health, enhanced confidence, enhanced joy? This 7 day online challenge will help you begin to experience the power of your thoughts. It will start to reshape your mindset and help you create simple daily actions that create long-term change in your mindset. Experience my top tips and tools that helped me move from anxious, depressed, co-dependent and insecure to confident, joy-filled and independent after my divorce. 

Seven Day Mindset Makeover, Take Care

Not Sure Where To Start? 

Start with self-care! I’ve put together an easy to use 30 day self-care calendar to help you fill your cup daily so you can excel in every other area of your life. And it’s 100% FREE!

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Change Your Health In One Day!

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