The Mind-Gut Connection: The Secret Conversation Between Your Gut & Your Brain That Can Change Your Life


If you're here reading this post we probably share a similar goal - a desire to feel physically vibrant and emotionally balanced. But because you're here, I'm going to assume you don't. And that's exactly how I felt after having two premie babies in under 3 years. I was experiencing chronic anxiety that seemed to only get worse by the day. It manifested in multiple ways from inability to sleep soundly, to shortness of breath that felt like a constant upper respiratory infection, rashes, brain fog and even panic attacks that sent me to the hospital on more than one occasion. My journey with anxiety nearly 10 years ago actually changed my life for the better when I walked through the doors of a local chiropractor, told her my story and symptoms and heard the words..."I'm going to teach you how to eat and it's going to change your life."

That's probably one of the most important sentences that's ever been spoken to me because it didn't just change my changed my health, it changed the health of my kids, it changed my career and because of that sentence I'm here working every day to do the same for those of you who are ready for a change.

Anxiety and depression are some of the biggest issues that bring new health coaching clients through my doors. But here is what I need you to know. These are NOT diseases. They are symptoms, signs that something is off balance or ill in the body that needs to be remedied. And while you may think it's all about your brain, your emotions and your nervous system, which it is, in part...the truth is... for most of starts with the gut. And that means that in order to heal, in order to feel healthy, vibrant and balanced...we have to heal our gut first and foremost!

Below is a workshop I taught to some fellow wellness advocates, which includes an explanation of why gut health determines our emotional health, nutritional tips for stopping the damage and starting the healing process and a supplement protocol to support healing and rebuilding gut health. 

I didn't intend to share this video outside of that wellness group, but I've had so many requests for this information that I wanted to give you guys a resource to start thinking through the healing process. Everyone's body is unique and your experience and healing needs will be unique. If you'd like additional support in managing anxiety and depression and/or healing your gut you can request a consult via email or check out my health coaching packages here.