Summer Survival Challenge Group Is Opening Soon!


We saw fire flies here in Tennessee last night. I think that means it's officially summer! How did that happen? As the temperatures continue to rise we're all thinking about how we can look and feel our best in our summer clothes. How can we survive (and enjoy) all the food and fun that comes with celebrating summer without creating bad habits and gaining weight? No one wants to give up ice cream, picnic foods, and fun drinks! And we don't have to!

With a little accountability, a focus on feeling great and the 80/20 rule....

-I have successfully been able to vacation without gaining weight or feeling deprived.

-I have been able to take road trips and not fall off the wagon.

-I have been able to come up with great cleaned up version of our favorite summer treats. {Margaritas, Ice Cream, Pizza & more}

-I have learned how to change my workouts to get the results I want.

-I live the 80-20 rule and I eat clean 80% of the time and 20% I enjoy within reason.

-I'm going to teach you how to do it too!

If you are ready to jump start your fitness results or you want to break a plateau then this is for you!

I'm launching the SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE Accountability & Support Group on June 1!

For 30 days we are going to work together & I am going to share sample meal plans, give you recipes, meal ideas, snack ideas, daily accountability, motivation, a workout program that will fit your needs and ability level and well balanced nutrition! You are going to have a community of support to answer your questions 24/7 and the most important thing is that this is MEANT TO BE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE AND NOT A CRASH DIET!

This is not something you do for 30 days and go back to your old ways. This easily becomes a part of your routine, a part of who you are, a way of doing life that is enjoyable and helps you feel amazing! 

If you're doubting yourself right now, thinking "I've tried before and didn't reach my goals" or "I always fall back into old habits" or "I won't be able to enjoy myself. I'll feel deprived. I can't do this." I want you to stop right now. Replace that negative talk with "She believed she could so she did!" Maybe you don't truly believe it right now, but I believe it for you. I've watched so many women in our challenge groups gain confidence, health, energy and healthy habits for life. You might not totally believe in yourself at this moment, but I believe in you. I believe in the power of little choices each day combined with support and accountability and I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

If this interests you contact me and let me know you want into the Summer Survival Challenge! Spots will fill up fast so make sure to snag them asap!! Are you in?!?!

LETS DO THIS!! ‪#‎summersurvivalguide