Purify the Air & Improve Your Sleep with These 5 House Plants

It's not something most of us want to think about, but there are a wide variety of toxic chemicals lurking in our homes. Don't freak out! There are lots of things we can do to reduce the prevalence of these toxins and I'll be writing more about that over the course of the next few months. But one of the main things we can do is super easy, very affordable and in addition to improving the air quality in your home, it will also improve your sleep!

Purchase some plants!

Yup, it's that easy. Plants have the natural ability to remove pollutants from the air by absorbing harmful gases through their leaves and roots. They're also effective at increasing oxygen levels and creating a calming, restful ambiance in any room, but especially our bedrooms. 

Here's a list of my top 5 favorite indoor plants to purify the air and improve your quality of sleep.

1. Lavender Plant - This aromatic plant has a soothing aroma that helps us relax and fall asleep. The powerful, but pleasant scent can help slow down your heart rate and reduce anxiety.

2. Aloe Vera Plant - This is one of the easiest plants to take care of. It is known to release oxygen at night, which gives our brains the oxygen they need to help us fall asleep. Aloe Vera is also listed by NASA as one of the best indoor plants to improve air quality.

3. English Ivy Plant - A favorite of NASA for it's air cleansing properties, English Ivy is believed to help soothe breathing problems making it a solid choice for individuals with allergies or asthma. This plant can reduce the amount of molds in the air by 94% in just 12 hours. Get a stand for this plant so the leaves can trail down.

4. Snake Plant - This is one of my personal favorites. They're easy to keep alive and pretty to look at with their tall, strong leaves in multiple shades of greens. Snake plants emit oxygen at night while we sleep and cut down on carbon dioxide levels in the indoor air. They're also prized for their air filtering abilities making the air easier and cleaner to breathe. 

5. Peace Lily - Keep this one out of the reach of pets and kids. It's one of the few plants that will bloom indoors, adding a special touch of beauty to any room. It's a NASA superstar for purifying the air and it also gives off moisture that can help boosts a rooms humidity by 5%. That's great news for anyone who suffers with dryness or allergies at night because the extra humidity helps suppress airborne microbes. The peace lily needs a shady spot and weekly watering. But it's not difficult to care for. 

Add a few of these healthy enhancing, sleep supporting plants to your bedroom. You won't be disappointed. They'll bring a sense of peace and calm, clean the air and promote increased oxygen levels. Just make sure you wipe their leaves down a few times a month. It helps the plants do their job more efficiently and effectively. 

Don't have a green thumb or worried about kids, pets and plants? Try a diffuser with essential oils to get the same purifying and sleep inducing results without the maintenance. Ask me how