LIIFT4 Meal Plans and Clean Eating

Since I started health coaching over 7 years ago, the most popular reasons I hear that people can't wrap their mind around or stick to clean nutrition are:

  1. I'm not a good cook

  2. I don't know where to look for recipes that will taste good

  3. It's not family friendly and I don't want to cook multiple meals

  4. It's boring eating the same things over and over again

I get it...there can be a learning curve. I said all the same things when I first started my journey 10 years ago. But two things....1. You just have to decide it's worth the effort. It's worth the effort to feel good, to heal your body, to feel energized and confident, to boost your immune system, to lose weight, to gain strength, to have more energy, to set your kids and family up for a healthy life and honestly to help your kids avoid the food struggles you might currently be feeling. What they learn to like, eat, cook...the relationship they develop with food now will stick with them into adulthood. So simply decide it's worth the effort. 2. Have a plan. You can have great intentions, but if you don't have a plan it will always feel like a struggle. 

I want to help. Our LIIFT4 accountability group is committed to 8 weeks of clean eating - balanced macro nutrients - that fuel our bodies for an active, healthy lifestyle. Everything we put in is information for our cells AND building blocks for our future body, strength, energy and overall health and well-being. But we're also committed to enjoying our food and eating things we love (and not cooking separate food for ourselves vs our families). So we're putting the FIXATE COOKING SHOW and my brother's amazing chef skills to good use! 

Below is our sample meal plan for week 1 (if you're doing LIIFT4 this is for bracket A). Each week I will add a new sample FIXATE meal plan for a new bracket that you can use as a base for your weekly plans. These recipes are easy to prepare, healthy, delicious, and family friendly. With a little help from the chef himself, I've structured them for meal prepping, so you aren't spending a ton of time in the kitchen and there is no food waste! Budget friendly, family friendly, LIIFT4 friendly! 

I hope you enjoy these! If you don't have access to the FIXATE COOKING SHOW on Beachbody on Demand you can click here to get it! If you're curious about LIIFT4 and how that's fueling my ongoing wellness journey check out my blog post all about it! It's not too late to get in on the fun and find out just how great your body was designed to feel!

Team Calabrese LIIFT4 6 Day Meal Plan and Clean Eating Calendar.