Help Me Celebrate My Birthday!

Change Your Luck, and Your Life! Coach Calie, Stretch Yourself.

I’m a St. Patty’s Day baby, which means my birthday is almost here. In my 20s, I may have celebrated with a lot of green beer. But this year, I have something else in mind. So mark your calendars, because I’m expecting something very special from you, and for you. 

This time next year, I will be turning 40. The big 4-0. The new 30? You are only as old as you feel anyway, right? For me, the milestone of turning 40 created the desire to celebrate in a more meaningful way than taking a big trip or being lavished with thoughtful gifts (if those things happen too, lucky me!) Instead, here is my birthday wish.

Earlier this year, I set a goal for myself to dramatically and positively change the lives of 40 people before I turned 40. That felt a little too realistic for something that sits in the middle of my 2016 vision board, so I decided to double it and add 5 on for good measure. So, that’s 85 individuals I'm going to help to enhance their health THIS YEAR!. And the countdown is on!

Your gift to me is the chance to help you reach your health goals and find out just how great your body was designed to feel. Are you ready?

I encounter so many people who are frustrated with their health. They are at a loss. Unused gym memberships. Yo yo dieting.  They are stuck. Overwhelmed. And another year goes by.

I was that person, before I changed…well, everything...starting with my attitude. I don’t really care what size jeans I wear. I don’t get happy or sad when I step on the scale. In fact, I don’t own a scale. I focus on how I feel. Physically. Emotionally. I think about my journey one step at a time, one day at a time. I’m not sprinting to a specific goal or target number. I have simply adopted a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a battle of willpower. It’s an act of balance. One healthy choice after another. This one simple change has affected everything else for me. When you focus on consistently making choices that make you FEEL good everything else starts to fall into place.

So, back to my earlier question. Will you celebrate my birthday with me? It starts with signing up for my March Birthday Challenge group. I’m hosting a closed Facebook Group in March where we will be doing this together, along with other friends who are ready to enhance their health. I hope you’ll go 12 rounds with me…all the way up to my 40th birthday. But no matter what, I simply hope you'll start...start making choices that enhance YOUR health.

Are you ready? Joining my Birthday Challenge Group is easy. Here's what it involves:

  • An easy to follow nutrition plan

  • Family friendly recipe ideas that you will be excited to prepare

  • 20-40 minute daily workouts depending on the program you choose

  • Daily support from me, a certified Holistic Health Coach, and the other challengers

  • Friendly competitions to keep you motivated and excited about your journey

What's required? Choose a Beachbody program that fits your needs and goals (with my help of course). Choose your Shakeology flavor for your daily dose of dense nutrition. Order by Feb. 25 to get your program in time to start. March 1 is our prep week and workouts and clean eating begin March 8.

Help make it a happy birthday "March to 40" for me, and a life enhancing year for you. Are you ready to find out how good you can feel? Contact me to choose your program and join my Birthday Challenge Group. Make sure you tell me your personal goals, any struggles or concerns and why you want to participate so I can help guide you to the best program for YOU!

*Can not be an existing Beachbody coach or working with another coach to participate.

FitnessCalie Calabrese