Citrus Tuna Salad

Citrus Tuna Salad Recipe

This was one of those happy accident recipes. I cleaned out and organized my fridge and had a grapefruit that I sliced up and knew I needed to use or it was going to go bad soon. So I thought, citrus salad. 

My Dad had given me a few cans of SkipJack pole & line caught tuna. Side note...If you are going eat canned tuna this is the one to get. They use safe and sustainable fishing methods and their tuna has the lowest mercury levels. Download the Seafood Watch app on iTunes to get recommendations for the safest seafood for you and the environment.

I decided to add that to my salad for a tuna nicoise feel and whipped up the dressing with a few salad staples that always help bring out the flavor. It was delicious! Here's are all the tasty details:


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)