3 Week Gut Healing Support Group

30 Day Gut Healing Support Group.

If you’re here reading this post we probably share a similar goal – a desire to feel physically vibrant and emotionally balanced. But because you’re here, I’m going to assume you don’t. And that’s exactly how I felt after having two premie babies in under 3 years. The good news is I healed and so can you! I've said it once and I'll keep saying it. A healthy outside starts from the inside. More specifically, it starts with our gut! When we heal our gut everything else starts to heal as well. Our immune system gets stronger (our immune system starts in the gut), our mood improves (there is a direct correlation between our gut health and our brain/nervous system health), our digestion improves (less bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort), our skin looks more youthful and bright (because our cells can get what they need to repair and regenerate), we have more energy, and we overcome weight loss plateaus. 

Gut challenges don't always show up in the most obvious ways like bloating, gas, and constipation. But they are almost always at the root of bigger health challenges like anxiety/mood imbalances, brain fog, fatigue, difficulty losing weight, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue and even sluggish thyroids and chronic inflammation and joint pain. 

I've dedicated the last several years of my health coaching journey to learning and practicing everything I can related to gut health because I truly believe it is the key to overall health and wellness - not just physically - but mentally and emotionally. I've experienced it, I've coached multiple clients through total gut healing and I'm ready to help you!

I know not everyone can afford private coaching, but everyone deserves a healthy gut and a healthy life. So, I've created this 3 Week Online Gut Healing and Support Group .

What you get:

  • Weekly plant based (not vegan) gut healing meal plans with grocery shopping lists

  • Weekly live nutrition and gut health lesson via zoom followed by live Q&A to address your personal questions and challenges

  • Daily posts in our private facebook group to help you better understand how to enhance your gut health and overcome challenges

  • Support identifying and eliminating food sensitivities that are contributing to the damage and inflammation

  • Simple protocols to heal your gut lining for long-term health

  • Daily access to me, certified holistic health coach, to answer your personal questions via our private facebook group

  • Support, accountability, cooking tips and lessons, recipes, and more

  • Options because everyone's body is unique and this isn't a one size fits all solution

  • The opportunity to achieve long term healing and finally start feeling (and looking) your best!

Let's work together to stop the damage and start the healing process so we can rebuild your gut health! Our 3 weeks together starts January 7, but the final day to register is January 5. 

Cost: $299 (payable via PayPal) 

3 Week Gut Healing Support Group

Let’s work together to stop the damage and start the healing process so we can rebuild your gut health! Our 3 weeks together starts January 7, but the final day to register is January 5. Space is limited. Reserve your spot by completing this form and submitting payment via PayPal.

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