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Are you a Beachbody coach looking for resources to further support your clients on their gut healing and nutrition journeys? Calie is a holistic health coach with multiple certifications and advanced studies in gut health, hormone health and plant-based nutrition. She enjoys creating products and tools to help you enhance your client outcomes, serve them above and beyond in your groups and emails all while increasing your volume, income and retention.  Check out Coach Calie's current resources and bookmark this page as more resources are coming soon.

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Gut Protocol Support Emails

A 30 email series to support your clients going through 4 Week Gut Protocol. Includes a daily email, weekly affirmations with images, weekly gut friendly recipes, self-assessment tools, symptom tracker, and advanced information and insight into the healing experience. Plus, directions on when to watch each 4 Week Gut Protocol video, a bonus Gut Brain Connection video lesson from Coach Calie & prompts to insert relevant product links from your Beachbody coach office as well as links to upcoming groups and coach sneak peeks. Everything you need to serve your clients well on this journey while growing your business and increasing volume, income and retention.

Coming Soon...

Let It Be Easy: Holiday Recipe Guide and Food Swaps to stress less and enjoy more this seaon

21 Day Sugar Detox: A great follow up to 4 Week Gut Protocol to help your customers continue to prioritize delicious food without all the added sugar. Can also be used as a meal plan to compliment any 21 day/3 week fitness group.

Superfoods from A to Z: Family and kid friendly recipes that are easy to make. Teach kids (and adults) the benefits of a variety of plant-based foods. A PDF download you can share in your groups or newsletters. Perfect for back to school.

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