A Little More Obsessed - Remix MashUp

80 Day Obsession Group Photo with Autumn Calabrese and Calie Calabrese.

You guys have been asking for it for it forever and it's finally here! A brand new batch of workouts to add to the 80 Day Obsession family. We honestly never thought we'd have the opportunity to be back on set together filming our favorite workouts, but when the masses focus on it it's amazing what you can manifest!

A Little More Obsessed is 6 brand new workouts - 80 Day Obsession style - and they're more fun, more challenging and more heart pounding than ever. This round is 45 minutes, but with a twist, it's still the same number of moves as an hour long 80 Day Obsession workout. So we get in, crush it, and get it out with all the results in a little less time. That's why we're calling this Phase 4. It doesn't go A Little Obsessed, A Little More Obsessed, 80 Day Obsession. It goes A Little Obsessed (30 minutes), 80 Day Obsession (60 minutes), A Little More Obsessed 45 minutes).

And even though it's only 6 workouts, we all know the 80 Day rep scheme so you can use your tracker sheets, and go from 2x15 medium weight weeks to 3x10 heavy weeks and get a full 4 weeks for a complete phase 4.

This program releases on October 8 to anyone on monthly auto ship for Shakeology, The Performance Line or the Nutrition Line. That's the ONLY way to get it if you are already a Beachbody On Demand member. Or you can buy a challenge pack that includes Beachbody On Demand and either Shakeology or The Performance Line and gain access that way.

And of course, I will be opening up a group to take you guys through this program and share my insights from filming it with our crew. Because I'm in the middle of running several groups to help you guys finish 2018 stronger than you started I decided to break my own rule and REOPEN the REMIX group. I'll be re-mixing the REMIX to incorporate A Little More Obsessed. That means the calendar I already mashed up to challenge our bodies in a new way is getting another makeover to include these new workouts! More fun and more results!

If you missed out on jumping into the group last month, this is the final chance in 2018. Fill out the application below by Tuesday, October 2. Last call to get A Little More Obsessed and finish the year as the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of you.

What's included:

  • Weekly affirmations

  • Weekly remixed calendar of 80 Day Obsession and A Little More Obsessed

  • Weekly kick-off call to talk about what to expect, challenges and that's week's affirmation and goals

  • Sample meal plans and recipes

  • Fun, community and accountability

Are you in?

80 Day The Remix - A Little More Obsessed

Same workouts, different calendar, amazing results with a fun group! Fill out the form to join us. Deadline is September 8.

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